rev. 0.9


The user interface and BMS can be firmware updated via USB. The system must not be running for the update to take place.

The firmware bundle is selected via a UI dialog from the USB stick. The UI is updated first, and then the BMS is updated to match.

The UI may be updated separately if the bundle supports the current BMS version. This allows for changes that are only on the UI side to not affect the BMS unit.

If the UI and the BMS version do not match a warning will appear on the UI alerts. The system will only have very limited communication with the BMS including:

  • BMS firmware version.
  • BMS descriptor information.
  • Firmware update request.

To update the firmware, follow the steps below:

1. Save the Update Software supplied by Profire to a USB storage device.

2. Ensure it is safe to open the enclosure.

3. Open the enclosure to expose the back of the enclosure door.

4. Locate the USB port and insert the USB storage device into the USB port.

5. Close the door of the enclosure.

6. Enter Commissioner Mode by pressing the Commissioner key and pressing OK to the acknowledgment prompt.

7. From the Status Screen, navigate to the Systems screen using the Carousel key.

8. Using the Arrow keys highlight Firmware Update and press the OK key.

9. A file list will be presented, showing all files and folders on the USB storage device. Select the Firmware file that was supplied by Profire.

10. A file selection confirmation screen will be presented to ensure you have the correct file selected.

11. Press the OK key, an option prompt will present where the option to Update the User Interface (UI) or, Update All. Choosing "Update UI Only" will only update the User Interface of the Unit. Choosing "Update All", will update both the User Interface and the Firmware.

12. Make your selection and press the OK key.

13. The system will update the software and restart the unit.

14. To confirm the update is successful, navigate to the Systems screen and use the Arrow keys to highlight the About menu item. Press the OK key and confirm the new firmware and UI software versions are correct.


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